How to get more customers: the 12 tips that work


How to get more customers

Are you taking your first steps in sales and don’t want to be ugly? We’ve made a collection of tips to help you know how to attract more customers

You are now starting in the sales game. And it looks like you’re fighting for your prospects’ time along with your competitors.

But, many times, you find yourself with no way out, not sure what to do. All your blood, sweat and tears are being invested in getting your potential customer’s attention.

The question that remains is: How can you paint a picture of a better world in the minds of your prospects, differentiate yourself from the competition, and capture their attention? What customer acquisition techniques to use? After all, how to attract more customers?

Got no answer to that question? Rest assured that we will help you solve this problem with a series of tips on how to capture potential customers.

Here are 12 key ingredients to creating an irresistible sales pitch, ensuring you capture your prospect’s attention and imagination, and increasing your chances of converting them to sales through active customer acquisition.

12 tips for capturing leads for those just starting out

How to attract more customers with 12 special techniques

Once you’ve learned this walkthrough, you’ll know all about what customer acquisition is and how to achieve your results.

Step #1: Connect them to you

No hooks, no sales. And look, we’re not talking about fishing hooks.

We’re talking about the emotional triggers, highly targeted, personal mental hooks that will get into your prospect’s mind and stick around, planting a flea in their ear.

What emotions do you want to arouse in your customers? These emotions can be positive, but they could also be linked to a deep frustration or problem.

Step #2: Touch the wound

Solving the right problem is a great opportunity to win the customer. So, in your speech, push where it hurts the most.

Whenever possible, use the customer’s own words to describe their problems and frustrations.

Verizon Wireless has long used the simple phrase “can you hear me now?” to describe the frustrations its customers were having with other networks.

And this detail meant that, just in the first year, the company increased its new customers by 10% and a reduction in the rejection rate for business from 2.5% in 2000 to 1.8% in 2002.

In companies that work with recurring revenues, that is, monthly subscriptions, which is the case for many SaaS companies, reducing the rejection and churn rate is essential.

how to get more customers

Are you ready to raise your market’s problems?

Step #3: Add salt to the wound

Describe the impact the issue has on your prospect. The M&M’s began using this principle in 1954, with their famous slogan: “the chocolate that melts in your mouth, not in your hand”.

Whenever necessary, use numbers to quantify the problem.

The Google Chrome ad says, “Even the fastest computers still need 45 seconds to boot. 45 seconds! That’s enough to make a sandwich.”

There is no way to attract more customers without showing what is bothering them the most.

Step #4: Prepare People for Your Toss

Prepare people for your pitch: point out the problems with your competitors. CrazyEgg does this very well.

According to them, “analytics tools won’t tell you why your visitors aren’t buying, signing up…this is where most businesses get stuck forever.”

Step #5: Keep Your Promise

This is one of the most important rules on how to get more customers: Don’t let your product be too good to be true.

In plain language, and as simple as possible, explain exactly how your service works.

Step #6: Show why you’re good

Why does your prospect buy from you and not your competitors?

Give your prospects a glimpse into your secret sauce: the special ingredient that makes your product stand out from the crowd.

This is where you surprise and delight your prospect.

how to get more customers

Show your customers why they should buy from you.

Step #7: Show them the value

Show your customer how to make your prospects aware of the value they will get from your product or service, in a clear and quantifiable way.

Which of the following value standards does your product fit?

  • For B2B products: make money, save money, reduce time and effort or reduce risk.
  • For B2C products : addressing a human need (increasing social status , having fun, helping make calls, helping with personal development), saving money or time, or increasing convenience?

And please avoid the generic: “we help our customers to increase their competitive advantage”. It makes you sleepy.

Step #8: Recruit Your Evangelists

If images are worth a thousand words, then use your customer testimonials.

Build quality testimonials to substantiate reasons why people should do business with you.

Step #9: Unearth Your Prospect’s Fears

There is no sale without objection. Each prospect may be eager to buy but still have questions.

So, you need to answer those questions that live in your customers’ minds. And you have to start identifying them. Objections are often hidden in the form of questions.

So every time you’re talking to a customer, listen carefully for any questions they might have.

Make sure that wherever you touch your customer, you give them the opportunity to raise questions.

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Step #10: Show your cash value

The price of your product will play a significant role in how many customers you will end up having.

But before making the big reveal, prepare the ground. First, make sure that price is the last issue on the table.

Talking about price before validating the need, demonstrating value, and addressing objections is a recipe for failed sales.

So it’s good to repeat the main benefits of doing business with you in your proposal.

how to get more customers

Show your customer that you are worth what you charge.

Step #11: Set an anchor

An anchor price can be a higher value that plants the seed in the mind of your audience, which makes them find the price of the product immediately below it, cheaper:

  • You could emphasize all the different components of the service, for example, and how much they would cost individually.
  • Another tactic is to first show the price of your product, reveal the true price, and then suddenly make it look much cheaper.
  • You can also underline the value compared to the cost of your product with something insignificant.

Step #12: ask for the sale

Believe it or not: Sales process experts say that 85% of the time, salespeople end up not asking their customers to sell.

Don’t let that happen to you once you’ve come this far.

The end of your speech or presentation is not the time to relax: end with a call to action and a next question about the path you should take.

When making the call to action, make sure you’re asking for something specific – there’s no room to confuse your prospect about what should be done next.

Make your offer clear and concise, communicating value and reducing anxiety on the part of your prospect.

Are you ready to start actively capturing leads?

Now that you know what is customer acquisition at the tip of the tongue, start, through this step by step, to capture your prospects and have a great chance of converting them into new customers.

Thus, you will no longer be seen as an amateur and are ready to take the first steps in sales successfully, after all, there is no way to attract more customers if you are not always up-to-date with new techniques like these.

If you need a little more help, we’ve even got 7 customer prospecting secrets to help you further improve your performance with your prospect.

After that, you’re just not going to be successful in sales if you don’t want to, because knowledge isn’t lacking.


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