How to Lose Your Fear of Phone Selling: 5 Tips to Overcome This Reluctance


How to Lose Your Fear of Phone Selling

Sales calls are a sales force’s greatest weapon. Here’s how to lose the fear of selling over the phone

What is the secret to making successful sales calls? Every salesperson is afraid of stuttering on the phone, forgetting the script and even being poorly served by their potential customer.

But sales calls are still an important tool to open up new customer opportunities, take your company name to others, and open up your market.

So even though many salespeople don’t like it – and really don’t like making sales calls – they are a necessary evil and you need to figure out how to get rid of the fear of selling over the phone.

Now that you know that, comes our question: which of the options below is the first step to winning a sale?

a) Greet and engage your prospect.

b) Have a plan.

c) Find the problem.

d) Anticipate questions in advance.

e) Show that you are the solution.

f) Set an appropriate closure goal.

Or do you believe none of them are?

how to lose the fear of selling

Sales start with prospecting. And prospecting, often with sales calls.

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Prospecting is the first step in closing a sale

In our culture, it’s not the people who work the hardest, the best prepared or the smartest who sell the most. He is the person who is happier to prospect more than anyone else.

Non-school salespeople are ashamed of prospecting calls, they are part of the sales process.

After all, making commercials part of the plan and there’s nothing wrong. Sellers need to spread the word.

Reluctance to make sales calls is a mental response to a perceived threat. The act of prospecting is not what causes anxiety in salespeople.

The problem lies in not knowing – or not understanding – how to conduct prospecting. Obviously, we can suggest that the salesperson just change their apprehensive mindset to a positive mindset.

However, positive thinking alone is insufficient without its crucial counterpart: like positive emotions.

When there is uncertainty about whether you should call the customer, or whether you are doing the right thing, you need to understand that sales calls are part of the business process.

Don’t let reluctance get the better of you

Take a deep breath and think about your most recent business success.

Your thinking just adds happy hormones through your bloodstream. Now, consider picking up the phone to call someone who is on your list but who you haven’t initiated contact with yet.

Is fear or anxiety linked to the idea of ​​picking up the phone? It is the hypothalamus that is sending hormones that match this fear and anxiety to our body.

We can train the brain to secrete happier hormones (endorphins) so we can feel better. And this is one of the most effective ways to get rid of the fear of selling over the phone.

And the better we feel, the more positive we become. Endorphins really calm the brain.

Beliefs are just thoughts that we think about consecutively. Our beliefs become our expectations and our expectations become our experience.

This has been scientifically proven by behavioral scientists who study our behavior.

By overcoming the reluctance of sales calls, you literally change your body chemistry so that fear and anxiety are no longer your ready emotions.

Below are five exercises to help you set the tone and use sales calling successfully during your prospecting efforts.

how to lose the fear of selling

It doesn’t take a super hero to pick up the phone and make sales calls.

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5 tips on how to lose the fear of selling over the phone

1. Create a moment of happiness intervention

At the end of your workday, before leaving the office, sit down with your newspaper, iPhone or a piece of paper.

Write down 3 things that went well during the day and why they went well. Repeat this every day.

Notice how much better you start feeling right away. This exercise speeds up our hormonal reset. We can call it the intervention of happiness.

2. Change your internal dialogue

Monitor the stories you tell yourself (i.e. your self-talk). An example could be: making calls doesn’t work in the age of social media.

Until you become aware of your negative stories and learn to change your mindset, no training, or self-help books will allow you to achieve your goals.

Identifying your internal dialogue and changing it is a unique way to identify the issues that will lessen your reluctance about sales calls.

3. Be grateful for your achievements

The opposite of fear is love. Love and gratitude go hand in hand. Back to the hypothalamus: When you focus on the things you’re grateful for, your hypothalamus pumps out happy hormones.

When you feel better, you are no longer a victim to all the usual negative thoughts that go around your head.

Psychologists recommend making a list of 5 things you are grateful for each morning to prepare you for a more successful day.

4. Know about the market and product

Many salespeople develop a fear of selling and are reluctant to talk or not talk about the product to their customers, as they fear potential customers might react badly to all of its complexity.

In this case, the salesperson needs to be equipped with the relevant knowledge about the product so that it stands out in front of the customer, and rejection does not happen.

One of the best tips for salespeople is to work on your sales pitch so that you discover new ways to talk about the company and product in an objective and clear way.

5. Have questions planned

Another effective way to get rid of the fear of selling is to prepare yourself with an arsenal of closing questions to use in your customer approach.

These questions gently show that if the customer has no doubts, snags, or impasses that prevent the closure, it’s time to move on.

In this way, these questions will not alienate the potential customer or set him back in the process, but rather show that he has finally reached the final point, once there is no more doubt, and that the next step is the purchase.

how to lose the fear of selling

Think about your achievements. And use that as a motivation to move forward.

Are you ready to get started?

When you feel better about the things going on around you, you’re ready to face the phone.

Fear of rejection is normal. The fear of the customer hanging up in your face, completely understandable, but your willingness to conquer your fears and grab on like that needs to be much bigger than just the fear itself.

Finally, the more calls you make, the more your speech will be tailored for what works best. And you’ll only know what works if you worry about improving your approach.

Today we have technology journals that can seem expressed as sales. But not quite. Most of the opportunities still happen when we are talking on the phone with our potential customers.

But, obviously, you will only be able to overcome the fear of picking up the phone if you admit that you are receiving it and convince yourself that you need to accept that you are creating obstacles so that you can change your behavior.

The better you feel, the richer you will be. And its strength will certainly be converted into energy to sell, which can certainly be translated into commercial returns.

You will be successful in proportion to your challenges. There is no way to lose the fear of selling in any other way.

Now that you know how to get rid of the fear of selling over the phone, how about using sales calls to prospect?

Prospecting is the first and most essential step in the process of a sale, and knowing how to do it in the best way is what will dictate the success of your negotiation.


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