How to please customers? Find out how to double the 5 toughest customer types


How to please customers

Any sales professional knows: it’s impossible to know how to please customers 100% of the time

People have different profiles and different expectations for each shopping experience. External factors also influence your mood—while some people are calm, others are explosive.

It takes acumen to know how to please a customer and identify their characteristics right from the start and, thus, provide a service that is as close as possible to what they want.

But in a context where every sale matters, when is it worth investing in a difficult customer? The answer is: it depends! That’s because there are different types of “difficult customers”.

Despite this, there are some techniques on how to please customers that do not depend on the particularities of different types of consumers.

Before we go any further in this article, here are some key tips on how to please customers:

  • Identify the customer profile;
  • Use true arguments;
  • Know hear;
  • Speak clearly (no difficult words)
  • Exercise empathy to understand the customer;
  • Find connection points between the seller and the customer;
  • And so on!

Read on through this article to learn about the 5 types of difficult customers and how to apply the above list to understand how to please them.

Is it worth investing in all kinds of difficult clients? 

Despite the tips that help to understand the different types of customers, the question that remains is: is it really worth investing in different types of difficult customers?

Our answer is: it depends on the customer and their purchase history

In this case, the solution is to discover its specific characteristics. This makes it easier to know how to best deal with each type of customer. In fact, in cases of success, it is even possible to make you a fan of your brand!

On the other hand, in some cases, this knowledge can help you simply give up keeping him in your wallet when you realize he’s not the ideal customer for your business.

Knowing the ideal customer profile is a great strategic step in directing the best sales and negotiation approach techniques. If you don’t know the concept yet, don’t worry!

By downloading for free the eBook How to save time selling to ideal customers, made by Agendor in partnership with Resultados Digitais, you can check out the step-by-step instructions on how to identify your ideal customer and stop wasting time with those who won’t buy your product or service.

Now let’s go to the list of difficult customers. Take note!

How to please a difficult customer: identify one of the 5 types

1- Inquisitive customer

Some customers question all product and/or service features (“why is it like this and not like that?”), even when they know that no modification is possible.

This is the case, for example, of those who question the terms of a contract by joining a checking account. Although they know that this type of contract does not allow customization, they disagree with each item — they disagree, but end up adhering.

To know how to please an inquiring customer, it is necessary to focus on patience: answering the questions, explaining the reasons for each procedure and informing that it is not possible to change the terms or characteristics, as the case may be – and then wait for closure of the sale.

Remember that the more objections the customer has, the more interest they are showing in your solution! If you want to know more about the meaning of the objection in purchases and, as a bonus, take some tips to deal with this behavior, read our post on How to deal with objections in sales: 5 foolproof techniques.

2- Chronic dissatisfied customer

How to please a customer who is always dissatisfied?

There is that customer who, no matter how hard we strive to deliver quality for the best cost-benefit ratio, is never fully satisfied. He is often moody and unable to recognize the value of his work or product.

Asking this customer for an assessment is a foolhardy thing to do. He will hardly give a positive assessment. However, even dissatisfied, he returns.

The question to ask yourself is: is he willing to pay the right price? If the answer is yes, it’s worth listening to their complaints and trying to get around them with ease.

how to please a customer

Chronic dissatisfied customer: never fully happy and unable to recognize value in your solution

3- Undecided customer

The customer goes to your store and spends precious time finding out about the product. Afterwards, he calls several times to ask about one or another detail that has been left behind. And to make matters worse, sends three more emails. On each of these occasions, he signals that he is going to close the deal, but backs off. Who can handle so much suspense?

There is a sure way to understand how to please a customer like this. In this case, when it’s the first sales experience, what you can do is try to guide the customer towards closing the sale during the telephone service or in the responses to e-mails, providing them with as much information as possible to let them know.

However, when you are already a long-time customer, it is worth evaluating the track record. On previous occasions, was the negotiation successful? If there is, give all the requested information, respond to messages and phone calls and wait for the customer’s time.

Otherwise, if there was no success, stay tuned! You may be wasting time and effort for a process that is unlikely to materialize.

4- Rude customer

There is also that customer who knows no limits. He insists on making appointments outside business hours, calls on the weekend and makes the salesperson wait for hours.

Again, the decision to keep it in your wallet depends on the return it gives you. If the volume and frequency of business indicate that it is worth insisting on the relationship, you can try to “educate him.”

Did he send you an “urgent” email late at night? Leave to reply to the message the next day during business hours.

Also, remember the saying “kindness begets kindness” and put into practice the tips below to find out how to please difficult customers like the rude:

  • Never lose your composure. Always be cordial and kind;
  • Nevertheless, be sure to make arguments opposed to what the customer believes. The secret is to keep up the education!
  • Ask the customer for help in solving the problem. This can make you feel part of the process, and thus let your guard down.
  • Reinforce customer commitments. Say that you are there to help and that you, as a salesperson, want the best for him to achieve his goals with the product or service offered.

how to please a customer

The customer is boring and still doesn’t bring back: bye-bye for him!

5- Sneaky customer

Finally, there is the customer who is never willing to pay a fair price for the product or service. It’s one thing to ask for a discount; it is quite another to belittle the work of others and think that the value given is not worth it.

There is only one way to please a customer of this type, there are no alternatives: it is better to close the doors. He will never give you the expected return.

How to please difficult customers? The cat’s jump 

You may have realized that investing in a difficult customer pays off when the deal is likely to work—and especially when he does, after all, bring significant value to your business.

This is the big secret: understand the customer profile and apply it to the reality of the negotiation. If, despite being difficult, the prospect has real conversion potential, it is important to know how to please him. On the other hand, if certain types of difficult customers don’t tend to close deals, it’s time to close the contacts, paralyze the follow-up and move on.

Now that you know how to please customers—and especially when to please them—we invite you to go the extra mile.

Our indication is to read the article The 13 most difficult types of customers your company can serve. In addition to learning about new profiles of hard-working customers, the article also gives other valuable tips to overcome relationship difficulties and still convert prospects into customers.

Also, take the opportunity to download our e-book “The step-by-step loyalty program ” and go even further in providing good service! After all, in addition to delighting the customer during the sale, one of the biggest goals of every company is to achieve high levels of loyalty and loyalty, isn’t it? As you read, you will understand the importance of investing in loyalty, how to retain loyalty with simple actions and some key tools to make the process more fluid.

Now, tell us: have you ever experienced a complicated situation with any of these types of difficult customers? Tell us here in the comments!


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