Sales Funnel in Excel: Is It Still Worth Investing in This Model?


Sales Funnel in Excel

If you’ve made it to this article, you’re likely needing to track and source information from your sales funnel more effectively, allowing you to generate reports in minutes and make data-driven decisions.

And you are on the right track! Having good sales funnel management is essential for any company, regardless of its size or area of ​​expertise.

Likewise, Excel has for many years been a very popular tool among business managers for this purpose.

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How to create a sales funnel in Excel has become outdated?

If Excel for many years has been a good tool for creating a sales funnel and tracking it, you need to explain why it has become outdated.

First, because this is not actually a sales tool. Excel was developed and has been improved since its release to help you perform math functions.

In other words, it can even be very useful for sales management, but not as the most suitable system for that.

Furthermore, with the advancement of mobile technology and connectivity, it is becoming less productive and safer to supply all information related to commercial activity in a tool that does not adapt well to cell phone use and offers a risk of loss or theft of information.

Free sales funnel: the best options for those looking for one

Of course, we cannot fail to recognize a great benefit of the sales funnel in Excel: for those who already use the Office package on computer and mobile, this is a free resource – something very attractive in times of cost reduction like the one we are currently experiencing.

However, it is necessary to recognize another point.

You will hardly find the most suitable resource for each area of ​​your company for free, such as financial management, marketing or sales.

So, more than thinking about the no-cost option, the point is to find the system or tool that brings the best return on investment, the famous ROI.

This means, for example, that you can pay a monthly fee for the most suitable tool for your commercial management. As long as it results in greater productivity and assertiveness of your sales team.

In this case, these factors will also result in better sales results, bringing a positive return on the investment made in the tool.

Looking at investments with a focus on ROI is an important role for the sales manager, precisely because it allows the insertion of the most adequate resources in the operation, providing scale and quality in the commercial activity.

In short: instead of trying to understand how to build your sales funnel in Excel because this is the free option, our recommendation is that you find a system that has been developed exclusively for commercial management. Even if it means extra cost to your budget, it can deliver a good return on results.

CRM system is the best option for managing your sales funnel

Recognizing the importance of investing in specific software for business management instead of betting on a free sales funnel, undoubtedly the best option is to find a CRM system suitable for your company profile, both in terms of costs and regarding functionalities.

If you haven’t had contact with one yet, it must be said that a CRM system is aimed at managing the customer relationship in a simplified and automated way.

In other words, it gathers all the company’s sales data and allows you to view the sales funnel in a complete way.

Below, we list the advantages that make the CRM system the best option for monitoring the commercial activity of your business:

Simplified filling

Encouraging the sales team to fill in all information related to prospecting, negotiation and closing has always been a challenge for sales managers.

In fact, in a very busy routine like that of the commercial area, when you don’t have the right tool, this responsibility ends up being postponed and sometimes even neglected.

With a CRM system, however, you facilitate behavior change, precisely because of the software’s friendly interface and its development focused on the salesperson’s routine, making the experience of recording activities much simpler and more natural.

Access anytime, anywhere

Speaking of user experience focused on the salesperson’s routine, another advantage of good CRM systems in relation to the sales funnel in Excel is the possibility of using it anytime and anywhere, through the mobile app.

In this way, even salespeople who work with external sales can easily register activities and opportunities.

They can do this during breaks between visits and without waiting to get home at the end of the day for this activity – when the details of each meeting are no longer fresh in their minds.

In addition, all of your company’s information is saved in the cloud, allowing it to be consulted in case of any questions regarding an account or a customer while you are out of the office.

Data security

Speaking of cloud storage, this is also a requirement for information security.

This way, the risk of information loss due to incorrect saving, duplicated records or corrupted files is avoided – very common situations when working with sales funnel in Excel.

Furthermore, CRM systems have other security attributes, such as barriers and access levels, safeguarding your company’s most important information from attack and data theft.

Metrics and reporting management

For sales managers, this is one of the biggest advantages of CRM systems.

With all the data filled in by the sellers, extracting reports from the software takes just a few clicks and minutes.

In other words, none of the stress of manipulating data in Excel for hours each time a new report is requested by a leader from another area.

Extracting reports so efficiently is a key decision-making factor as well.

You can monitor the performance of each campaign, product or seller on a daily basis, and can change route or strategy before any factor becomes a reason for lower results.

Complete view of the sales funnel

Of course, if we are talking about sales funnel tracking, this could not be but one of the advantages mentioned in this article.

Most CRM systems already feature the real-time sales funnel on their home page.

Therefore, just access the software to have an effective view on the number of prospects, contacts, proposals and sales closed within a specific period.

Affordable cost and great ROI

As we mentioned earlier, it is necessary to change the mindset from “free” to that of the best ROI in running a business. This way you will be able to actually find the most suitable resources to reach the expected results, with maximum productivity.

When choosing a CRM system, you will probably find options for all tastes (and budgets).

But know that there are tools designed for companies of your size, with affordable cost and excellent technology. This way, it will be easy to get the best return on your investment!

Bring your sales funnel to the new business reality

It is important to make one point clear: if this is your choice, you will be able to track your sales funnel in Excel.

But this will undoubtedly mean less productivity, less efficiency and greater risk of errors in recording and interpreting the data.

And that’s a risk your company takes! Mainly due to the great chance of ending up impacting your client, who may notice a lack of organization and professionalism in the performance of your business.

Therefore, if you want to have an effective management that brings the best results, the way is to invest in an appropriate tool for the work of the commercial area, with state-of-the-art technology and that, above all, is able to place your company in a new business reality!


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