Sales Promoter: what does it do and how to do it well


Sales Promoter

Within the sales process there are several functions to manage each step. One of the most strategic in this context is the sales promoter. Therefore, in this post, we detail what a sales promoter does in a company.

Among the activities of the work are planning, developing and putting into practice actions to increase the company’s sales and, consequently, revenue.

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The sales promoter is also responsible for structuring the sales department within the company to achieve the planned results.

In the next topics, we explain more about the main functions of the sales promoter and what this professional does in the daily life of a company. Keep reading!

Sales Promoter: What Does This Position Do?

  • The sales promoter introduces the company and its services to the market, using their influence, contacts and publicity;
  • Creates and puts into practice sales strategies , aiming to make the company’s brand known in the market;
  • Prepares sales targets for the business and collaborates in their execution following the deadlines set;
  • Supervises the company’s sales team to ensure a work aligned and focused on achieving goals and generating profits;
  • The sales promoter also contacts potential customers to introduce the brand and offer personalized services;
  • Performs and participates in events, fairs and other advertising actions in partnership with the marketing and sales team to promote the company in various marketing channels;
  • Manages contracts closed with customers, negotiating proposals to ensure the best for the company;
  • Organizes the schedule of visits to points of sale to promote the services;
  • Works together with the sales manager in organizing invoices and bills for services;
  • Proposes new working methods to improve the business’ sales approach;
  • Finally, the sales promoter creates and puts into practice new work tools that help sales.

What is the difference between a salesperson and a sales promoter?

The seller is a member of the commercial team responsible for prospecting, contacting prospects, negotiating and closing sales. The sales promoter, on the other hand, has a more strategic role, coordinating the efforts of a team.

What are the functions of a sales promoter?

  1. Introduce the company;
  2. Develop and implement sales strategies;
  3. Sets sales targets and oversees the team;
  4. Do the follow-up of sales ;
  5. Organizes the sales team’s calendar of visits;
  6. Participate in events;
  7. It bridges the gap between the team and the sales manager.

How to stand out as a sales promoter

Now that you know what a sales promoter does, let’s highlight some attributes that professionals in the area need to have and that help them perform their duties.

These skills are a mix of sales and marketing techniques so that the promoter can put together a convincing pitch.

We will detail each of the points, but in general terms to stand out as a sales promoter.

What does it take to be a sales promoter??

  1. Know the basics of sales and understand the 4Ps;
  2. Understand in depth about the service sold;
  3. Knowing how to explain all the basic details and how the service works;
  4. Offer quality customer service.

1. Know the basics of sales and understand the 4Ps

A good sales promoter must offer future customers the attributes gathered in the 4P’s:

  • Right product/service for the customer’s need;
  • In the proper sales channel;
  • With an attractive price;
  • Using flashy promotion tactics.

Understanding the dynamics of the 4 P’s, a basic marketing concept, guides the launch of a service since its creation and also helps to improve the sales model of other existing services.

– Products

Knowing the service in depth and for which customer profile it is ideal is a basic premise for every sales promoter. If the service is subdivided into categories or has special formats, it is important to know about them as well.

– Square

Plaza is the place where the service is offered both at physical points of sale and on the internet. Therefore, the promoter must study where their potential target audience is in order to make their offer visible.

In order to choose the most favorable sales channels, it is important to understand the customer’s journey, where he searches for the solutions he needs, etc.

In physical locations, it is important to think about where the brand can take its offers so that they are favorable places for conversation, where the customer will have time and can devote their attention.

– Price

Every customer is looking for a discount or promotion, but your full price should be as valued as these benefits.

At this point, the sales promoter needs to know what led to the final price for each service plan, for example, so he can sell it.

Price is a decisive factor in decision making. Therefore, the sales promoter is not limited to simply knowing the value, he understands the reason for that price and knows how to show customers the advantages of his promotion or discount when applicable.

– Promotion

With so many advantages to offer, it is important to show them all (or the main ones) in promotional materials so that your disclosure will catch the attention of future customers before you do.

Both online and offline communication deserve this attention in the quality of materials.

2. Understand the service sold in depth

Sales promoters are the bridge between the customer and the company, so they must be able to answer any questions that customers have.

For this, they must study the main features of the service, the innovations it offers, what gaps it fills and the advantages in relation to what currently exists in the market for that segment.

3. Know how to explain all the basic details and how the service works

Continuing the reasoning from topic #2, the sales promoter must also know the basics of the service. This helps to detect common problems that the service solves in the customer’s speech and speak about the solution offered in a natural way.

Especially when it comes to a purchase decision for a business solution, the customer needs to be grounded to make sure he is going to invest in the right option.

The more relevant information a customer has, the more comfortable they will begin to feel about making a positive choice about your service.

It is also common for the sales promoter to find himself in the situation of having to give his personal opinion about the service. The key to successful sales is to be honest and respond based on the information you have.

4. Offer quality customer service

Customer service must be standardized but not inflexible. Each type of customer will require customization and a good sales promoter adapts to each profile.

Quality service involves listening to the customer’s needs first. This is the first step in making sure you know how and how your service can help you.

This entire process must be conducted in a light, friendly and without pressure on the customer.

customer service-expectations

By putting the above attributes into practice, a sales promoter can do a successful job and gain new customers.

You can stand out as a seller with a few more tips, check out this free presentation:  7 Secrets of Sales Champions

One last tip is to believe in the solution you are selling. Therefore, work with solid companies, with a structured service and committed to delivering results for clients.

This enthusiasm will definitely spread and help convince your future customers to close a good deal with you!

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