Strategic HR: how this area can contribute to improving sales


Strategic HR

The Human Resources sector can contribute — and a lot — to increasing a company’s sales. Although not always directly associated with the success of the commercial area, strategic HR is an important factor in building a productive and effective sales team.

The equation here, in fact, is quite simple: if employees can be considered the main asset of an organization, whoever has the mission of capturing, retaining and training them, therefore, plays an important role.

Thus, having an HR that performs its work of hiring, retaining and training efficiently is essential and strategic for business success. After all, it is very rare that there are good sales results without a qualified manager and team in the commercial area.

But how, concretely, can HR help in the challenge of hiring excellent professionals and what initiatives can this sector take to improve the performance of contracted salespeople so that they meet the company’s goals? Come with us, this will be the subject of this article!

What is the role of the Human Resources sector in a company?

As much as we can understand today the relevance of factors such as capital, structure, equipment and technology for organizations, we also know about the incomparable value of the people who drive them. They are the ones who lead teams, operate resources, come up with innovative ideas, create plans, set goals and carry out their work to achieve them.

So there is no business without people—much less profitability. In this scenario, the Human Resources sector is responsible for recruiting, qualifying, maintaining and managing what is considered the greatest asset of an institution: its employees.

In addition, currently, it is understood that the role of HR goes far beyond payroll management, because the labor market, fortunately, has come to recognize the need to value people who are part of an organization for its success. .

Companies that have not yet realized this are hardly able to go far in their strategies. What’s more, those who already have this attitude towards employees are able to use HR strategically to sell more and increase the profitability of their operations.

How can strategic HR contribute to the commercial area?

In addition to taking care of the procedures related to the Personnel Department, the Human Resources sector works together with managers to define strategies for recruiting and selecting suitable candidates for a given position.

Added to this, among the main functions of a strategic HR is also supporting the teams and employees in order to provide the necessary conditions for them to feel motivated and to increasingly improve their performance.

In the specific case of the commercial area, we know that theory and practice need to be aligned for a successful operation. The interaction with an active and close HR can be essential in this regard.

Therefore, we are going to detail some relevant points to illustrate how the Human Resources sector can contribute to improve a company’s sales and boost its growth.

Selection and instrumentalization of the leader of the commercial area

It is very difficult for a commercial team to present satisfactory results without a good leader in charge. Therefore, since things are not going well, it is normal that the first to be blamed is the team manager. This fact is reflected in the turnover in sales management positions — which is usually high.

However, the problem is not always with this professional. Sometimes, behind supposed mismanagement, there may be a failure prior to hiring. It may be related, for example, to the lack of a structure of competence maps specific to the function and the design of a development path for this manager.

What we are trying to say is that a leader needs to be equipped to perform their function as expected and it is the role of a strategic HR to contribute in this regard.

Recruitment, selection and onboarding of sellers

In relation to the members of the commercial area, together with the responsible manager, it is essential that HR define a professional and behavioral profile of the ideal professional for the different sales functions.

However, in this task it is important not to fall into commonplace and describe only obvious and general characteristics, such as “communicative” and “persuasive”. In this way, one ends up drawing a very generic profile and the chances of failing in the selection are greater. The more accurate this definition, the more likely you are to hire someone who meets expectations.

Last but not least, HR also needs to focus on creating effective salesperson onboarding. Having a learning program that serves as a communication tool about the business and the area’s processes for new sales professionals is essential for them to start showing good results faster.

Training of sales professionals

Furthermore, creating opportunities for the development of skills and abilities of these sales professionals is also part of the performance of a strategic HR. The training in sales is not only essential, but it is extremely necessary.

Thus, it is therefore necessary to promote frequent training aimed at the sales team. However, for the investment to bring the expected results in sales, this improvement must be strategically designed to not only train, but also motivate salespeople towards the best result.

Monitoring of performance indicators

As we’ve already mentioned, the work of a strategic HR goes well beyond the first moment of hiring. Just like the manager — preferably together with him, the sector must closely monitor the performance of the sales team.

This monitoring not only allows actions to be taken in case sales suffer any one-off drop. It is very useful for evaluating the work of HR and the strategies adopted to improve the productivity of salespeople.

The indicators that will be analyzed must be defined precisely for this purpose. Typically, the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) are very effective in this regard. To help with this mission and to be able to think about effective improvements, it is important to have a CRM solution that offers appropriate measurement tools.

Creating a favorable corporate environment

A number of studies have already proven that working in healthy environments that suit our needs improves our performance. As an example, most recently, the University of California released a survey that found that a happy worker is, on average, 31% more productive, three times more creative, and sells 37% more compared to others.

And, here, HR comes in once again, whose mission is to provide this location and create favorable conditions for the productivity of the sales team. In addition to the physical space, which needs to be comfortable and have all the necessary resources, the development of good relationships is also part of this work. In this regard, encouraging dialogue between leaders and teams and promoting respect among all employees is fundamental.

Strategic HR: joint action ensures better results in sales and profits

In order for all these items that we mentioned to be, in fact, implemented, it will be necessary to establish a mutual collaboration. In it, the commercial manager must be willing to share information and the challenges of their area and the HR professionals to closely monitor the team and sales performance indicators.

Thus, together it will be possible to design a strategic plan to improve the team’s performance. In addition, actions designed together will also be more effective in terms of the objective of retaining good professionals.

Differentiated salespeople are in high demand in the job market and keeping them satisfied prevents them from accepting proposals from another company — which will inevitably come up at some point.

Anyway, the first step to having a strategic HR is to understand its importance for the commercial area and its relationship with the profit obtained by the company. Therefore, if this alliance does not yet exist in your company, it is high time to change this vision and join hands in favor of the business.

As we have seen, contributing to increase the productivity of the sales team, the Human Resources sector helps to improve the organization’s financial results. And that’s the big goal of everyone in your company, isn’t it?


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