When and How to Grow Your Business: 4 Important Signs


When and How to Grow Your Business

Do you want to turn your company into a big business? We found some indicators of when and how to grow the company

How can a small business grow into a big business? If you are an entrepreneur, you should ask yourself this question many times: after all, how to make the company grow?

And unfortunately, it can be a difficult question to answer.

If we ask small companies that have become large companies, many of them will not be able to answer how they got to where they are.

And, oddly enough, this is more common than you think.

In this post, you will discover how to develop a company and also how to notice if your company is growing.

Growing company? How to know?

We had the opportunity, some time ago, to get to know some companies in Ribeirão Preto, with their 15 and even 20 years, which started small. In 5 years they were earning high income providing services to large companies in the region.

When we asked these entrepreneurs how they walked this path to success, they just didn’t know the answer. After all, how to develop a company then?

In fact, they suspected some things, but they didn’t know exactly how things happened.

This is something of concern, because if companies do not know what they have done to grow, it is difficult to replicate and move forward with good practices and eliminate those that bring less results.

This is a common scenario in many Brazilian companies. Some of them are familiar and are in the second generation of managers.

They succeeded their parents, they still need to prove their worthiness ahead of the business, and they don’t know the secret of success.

Indicators that the company is growing

If you are an entrepreneur or manager in a small business, you know that it is important to know the factors that show you are walking the path of a large company.

By carrying out a small internal survey, studying the profile of our customers – especially those who have grown a lot in recent years – we arrived at some  indicators to see if you are on the path to growth.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean that if you are following all these indicators you will grow into a big company.

But it does mean that you are thinking like a big company, and you can grow if you continue to cultivate that behavior and eliminate bad habits.

Here are some of the clues that your small business is on the path to becoming a big business and why these indicators are positive for increasing your bottom line.

how to make the company grow

Are you preparing your business to grow and solidify?

When and how to grow the company

Check out some clues that your business is growing and that it’s time to figure out how to grow a business.

#1. You are investing in the development of your people

It is impossible to grow without qualified people to fill qualified positions within your company.

If you want to grow, believe me, you will need to invest in the development of your employees so that they can help you to become a great company.

Unfortunately, each and every entrepreneur is humanly incapable of taking a small company to the rank of a large company alone.

Think about that the next time you’re looking to increase revenue but are reducing your company’s hiring and training budget.

There is no secret. There is no way to make the company grow alone.

Alone you are limited, but your company will be as strong as your weakest link. You don’t want your team to be the weakest link in your business.

Disabled and uncommitted employees with your business, instead of helping your company on the path of growth, will lead it down the path of bankruptcy.

#two. You are focusing your company on an increasingly specific niche

Many companies are born with the idea of ​​doing everything for everyone. Some of them discover, along the way, that they need to focus on just one product and service if they want to grow.

Offering and/or doing everything for everyone will only transform your company into a generalist.

When your customers buy and/or outsource some service, they want to do business with companies that are experts in their markets. And you need to be seen as a great expert if you want to keep growing.

After all, the greater the focus of your company, the more it becomes specialized, and the more it learns about what it does.

Why is it important? Because the more you practice something, the better you get at it. Unfortunately, we can’t be good at everything. But it’s possible to be really good at specific things.

So, if you want to know how to make the company grow, think about specialization.

how to make the company grow

A large company needs to position itself as an expert at what it does.

#3. You are working on creating business partnerships

Large companies know that they cannot achieve absolute success alone. Therefore, they build large business partnerships with other companies in their market.

The more business partners you have on your side, the greater your chances of being referred to business, and the greater your effectiveness in winning new customers.

Business partners can be companies that:

  • They provide complementary services to yours;
  • Companies that work representing solutions for the market you serve;
  • Or even a complementary product from your market.

Thinking about business partnerships makes your brand be seen and known in new markets, and with that you can simply grow organically because you are reaching and conquering territory.

For some business experts, partnerships are the biggest indicator that your company is on the path to becoming a great company.

#4. Are you concerned with educating your market

Some products are real unknowns. We don’t know, nor do we know what it is. We don’t really understand how they can be useful.

But, little by little, these companies will educate their market and show their potential customers why their product is essential for their daily lives.

Without this, there is no way to make the company grow.

Other products are highly sought after. And others still have a lot of competition. Some are called commodities, such is the competition and competitiveness of their market.

But if you and your company are concerned with educating your market so that they understand why your product is indispensable and necessary for your market, you are on the right path.

Large companies are fully engaged in educating the market and positioning themselves as a market leader.

After all, when companies educate the market, they are seen as leaders in those markets, and increase brand recognition in the minds of their potential consumers.

This way, new people know your brand and your product and you have the opportunity to increase demand in your market.

how to make the company grow

Large companies are concerned not only with selling, but with educating and shaping the market.

Are you treading the path of a great company?

Obviously, the more your company is on the path of big business, the closer you are to becoming a big company.

After all, nothing better to learn how to make the company grow than mirroring itself in large companies!

Obviously these aren’t indicators of success, but certainly if you’re worrying about them, you’re going to grow up, even as a result.

After all, the more skilled your employees are, the more capable your company is to solve your customers’ problems and retain them.

In addition, the more specialized and specific your niche, the greater your chances of becoming an expert and being recognized for it.

As if that wasn’t enough, having business partners will help you establish yourself as an expert and specialist in what you do.

how to make the company grow

Signs that your business is turning into a big company

And to finalize our tips on how to grow the business, if you are committed to educating your market, you are committed to your future customers. And this is very important to keep your company growing.

Therefore, these indicators, despite not guaranteeing their growth, will increase their level of professionalism, and that is precisely what makes people look for large companies.


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